About Us

Our Philosophy and Goals

We are a Texas-based engineering and software firm founded upon the belief that the best way of staying competitive is by embracing change. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. If businesses don't learn to adopt, adapt, and improve constantly then they will find themselves obsolete. Through research, collaboration, and testing we have found our unique strategy to stay ahead of the technology curve while preserving the reliability achieved through lessons learned and best practices.

Our mission is simple; we deliver. To us, delivering means more than just meeting the project requirements. We pursue perfection while keeping time and budget at the forefront of our objectives. The unique and diverse experience of our staff provides us the tools to fuse the physical and software worlds in a way no other company can. Doing this breadth of work under one roof allows us to deliver turn-key solutions in the best interest of our clients.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.
― Albert Einstein

Our low-risk quality guarantee has encouraged several Fortune 500 companies to discover the benefit of partnering with Sansys Development. We have designed and executed successful solutions for numerous intricate problems resulting in streamlined professional growth for our clients. With over 80% of our revenue generated through repeat business, we can confidently conclude that our services will meet and exceed your expectations.

Integrating the world of software and engineering is our passion. To achieve this, we employ highly skilled software developers and licensed professional engineers. Working as a team, we take tough problems and apply advanced software architecture generating best-in-class applications. This process is something we take very seriously.

RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) analysis is one of the world's most successful reliability centered mindsets for reducing failures and increasing uptime. Industries where "failure is not an option" instill this mindset in all their employees at the moment of onboarding. We do the same.

While many solutions do not require extreme levels of reliability, it is something we always take time to address and understand the needs of our clients. If this is a key goal we will assure proper attention to plan and build the foundational support system that is required to get it done right. Rest assured that all of our solutions, whether they are prototypes or finished products, are built with reliability in mind.

Understanding how to scale is arguably one of the most important design considerations of any technology driven application. An application meant for a small handful of users versus the same application meant for millions can require completely different designs and execution plans.

At SanSys Development we understand scaling. In many cases, proper scalability is simply a function of using best practices in code and design. However, there are some cases where fundamental methodologies in how data is processed, stored, aggregated, and cached can have a considerable impact on cost. We can help identify these cases so that when it comes down to reaching the next new market the impact on cost and schedule is minimal.

As it should be, safety is our number one priority. It is not a goal, it is a way of life that is engrained into all of our employees, processes, procedures, and solutions every step of the way.